helmet body

Advance stab-proof metamaterial materials with energy-absorbing design and ultimate weight reduction

115g (0.25lb) – helmet shell weight
3kg (6.6lb) – steel cone
1m (39.3inch) – free falling
1080g (2.38 lb) – total weight

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Air-borne Droplets

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High-Speed Impact

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Water Mist

helmet goggles

Produced by the same manufacturing process as helmet goggles for pilots.
Advanced photochromic material with multiple protections.
Capability to function at all times of the day with self-adaption to lighting conditions. The goggles can also prevent the high-speed impact of 6mm (0.236 inch) steel ball at 200 m/s (656.2 ft/s) without rupture or penetration.

AR display

High standard array optical waveguide AR technology. The display creates an all-new visual experience with no dark corners, blind spots, or sense of oppression for wearers.

Resolution: 1280 ×720
Rated Brightness: 300 nits

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Advanced metamaterial technology with strong signal, low power consumption and ultra-low radiation. The helmet houses a conformal 8-in-1 antenna with a specific absorption rate of SAR<0.05W/kg(0.023W/lb).
Only 1/20 of mobile phone radiation is emitted.

design of gravity center balancing

Refer to the balance design of aircraft gravity center
Avoid the formation of cantilever structure in working state, so as to protect the neck to the greatest extent and improve wearing comfort.
The range of the gravity center is c.g.diagram<5mm (0.197 inch )

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infrared thermal imaging

High-accuracy quick unaware and contactless temperature measurement.
Efficiency 200 people/min
Range – 20℃ (-4℉) to 120℃ (248℉)
Accuracy ±120℉
Resolution 384×288

AI capabilities

Supports offline face recognition and license plate recognition, and QR code identification for paperless registration.

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battery capacity

The helmet boasts a standby time of 24 hours, including 8 hours of temperature measurement mode. The battery capacity is no less than 5000 mAh.


Made form modified Lycra fabric, Which has high ability to mould to the head; super stretch and shape retention for extra flexibility.
This ensures all-day comfort and lasting fit.

Military nylon laces with high strength

High-grade soft and durable lamb suede

Safety magnetic suction buckle can be opened quickly and effortlessly with just one hand

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basic parameters

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